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Old 12-20-2017, 10:59 PM
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Default Will the game exist in 50 years?


For me football is all about technical abilty, good defending, exciting attacking and a physical contest. A mix of everything and the only evolutions acceptable to me are physical attributes, mental development, technical ability and fair fucking play.

Over the last decade, most probably more, its become less of a sport and more of a Hollywood show. More conning, more cheating, more "winning fouls" - extenuated by the true geniuses of the game who would rather get notoriety from their actions or unfair advantages by deception / assault (in the case of tonight for example) than their actual abilty - "desire to win" is a bullshit excuse.

I cant give up on my love for Everton, I dont have a choice. But the sport is supposed to be something to look up to and honestly at the moment, Im not sure I would bring up a child following football - its just a bad example of ethics!

Something has to be done. Why cant we have the same level of respect as rugby or the NFL or hockey, where the rules of the game are enforced and respected!

Ive got a multitude of ideas of how to improve, but how?

Please help.

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